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Frankenstein Sun Catchers

These Frankenstein Sun Catchers crack me up! If you drive by our house they’re the first thing you see – and we’ve been getting quite a few compliments on them (from our neighbors, walkers, even the mail lady!). If you have little ones and want to spark their creativity, these are the […]


Quick + Easy Halloween Decorations

Life has been pretty busy here lately. As a result I haven’t had much time to make Halloween decorations… So I decided to turn this dilemma into a challenge. I challenged myself to find the easiest, most affordable, kid-friendly ways to decorate for Halloween. And here are the three projects I came […]


Alternatives to Carving Pumpkins

Leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is only 22-days away! I’ve always loved carving pumpkins, but now that we have two little ones in the house, digging out the knives seems like a poor parenting decision… So this year I set out to find kid-friendly alternatives to carving […]