Alternatives to Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin Decorating 01

Leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is only 22-days away! I’ve always loved carving pumpkins, but now that we have two little ones in the house, digging out the knives seems like a poor parenting decision…

So this year I set out to find kid-friendly alternatives to carving pumpkins. Below are five ways to (safely) decorate pumpkins with children. I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as we did!

Alternative Number One:

Push-In Pumpkin 03

I found this adorable pumpkin push in at the local drug store (only $2!). It’s basically a pumpkin version of Mr. Potato Head.

Push-In Pumpkin 01

All you do is unpack the pieces, and push them into the pumpkin.

Push-In Pumpkin 02

How cute is that? Ridiculously easy and adorable!


Alternative Number Two:

Baby Pumpkins 04

All you need to make these cuties are pacifiers, a magic marker, push pins and accessories (hats, bows, etc.).

Baby Pumpkins 01

This idea was inspired by a photo I saw in Parents magazine. You can finish these pumpkins in three easy steps:  1) First, using the magic marker, draw two sleeping eyes on your pumpkin.  2) Next, attach the pacifier to your pumpkin by using a straight pin (you could also use hot glue if you prefer).  3) Lastly, add your accessories (hats or hair bows).

Baby Pumpkins 02

And that’s it! These are so cute sitting on our front step!

Baby Pumpkins 03


Alternative Number Three:

Chalkboard Pumpkin 05

This pumpkin is so easy to make! All you need are chalkboard paint, a paintbrush and some chalk!

Chalkboard Pumpkin 01

First, paint your pumpkin with your chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Pumpkin 02

Let it dry (be sure to follow the guidelines on the back of the paint container).

Chalkboard Pumpkin 03

Then grab some chalk and decorate! The possibilities are endless and you can wipe off your designs and start over again as many times as you want! I think we’re going to turn ours into a Halloween countdown!

Chalkboard Pumpkin 04


Alternative Number Four:

Spider Web Pumpkin 09

Again, this pumpkin is so easy to make! You’ll need a marker, glue and glitter… That’s it! (And I promise, no artistic talent is needed for this one!)

Spider Web Pumpkin 01

Start by drawing lines down the side of your pumpkin. Just follow the grooves – no artistic talent needed! I drew a line using every-other groove on the top of my pumpkin.

Spider Web Pumpkin 02

Next, draw “webs” connecting each line. I drew two or three lines for each section.

Spider Web Pumpkin 03

Now it’s time to decorate! Using the glue, follow your lines (I did one at a time to keep things relatively clean).

Spider Web Pumpkin 04

Now dump glitter on top and move on to your next line…

Spider Web Pumpkin 06

Once you finish, work on gluing and glittering the “webs” in between each line…

Spider Web Pumpkin 08

Now, if you want to get fancy, just add a spider! (I didn’t even draw mine on. I literally made a big glue circle with eight little legs – so easy!)

Spider Web Pumpkin 07

When the sunlight hits this beauty, it sparkles like you wouldn’t believe!


Alternative Number Five:

Paint and Stickers Pumpkin 05

Again, so unbelievably easy to do – and fun for children of all ages! Just grab some paint, paint brushes, stickers, and (if you want) some ribbon.

Paint and Stickers Pumpkin 01

First, paint your pumpkins with you base coat. I only painted one coat and it dried very quickly (within 20-minutes!).

Paint and Stickers Pumpkin 02

Next, grab your stickers and go to town! I used my children’s initials for their pumpkins, with some matching circles. Then, just to add a little something extra, I added a bow to the top of each pumpkin. They look so colorful and fun!

Paint and Stickers Pumpkin 03

And that’s it! Five easy, affordable, and safe ways for little ones to decorate pumpkins (minus the sharp carving materials).

However you decide to decorate, I’d love to see your creations! Head on over to my Facebook page and share your creations!

Happy decorating everyone!