Halloween Games for Kids: Feed the Monster

Looking for an easy and fun Halloween game for your little ones? Try “Feed the Monster!”

Feed the Monster 07

A Halloween twist on the traditional bags game. I love the way these turned out!

Materials needed:

  • White foam boards (2)
  • Markers and Crayons
  • Utility or craft knife
  • Candy

Feed the Monster 00

Draw a monster on each piece of foam board and color in. I used markers to draw the outline and crayons to color in the designs.

Feed the Monster 01

Feed the Monster 02

Using a craft or utility knife, carefully cut out the mouth of your monster. Foam board has three layers, so it may take several swipes to cut through the entire board.

Feed the Monster 03

Write a funny message on top of the board and finish decorating each piece. (I wrote “FEED ME!” at the top of my boards and scribbled in the sides for some color.)

Feed the Monster 04

Feed the Monster 05

Now it’s time to play!

Prop something small under the top portion of the board (I used two thick books). Have children stand 10-feet (or farther) from each piece and give them a handful of candy.

Feed the Monster 08

Tell them they have 30-seconds to feed the monster as much candy as possible. At the end of the 30-seconds, children can keep whatever candy falls into the monster’s mouth.

Feed the Monster 09

My two year old had so much fun playing this game (we played it all night!). It’s fun, easy, and extremely inexpensive.

Happy Halloween!



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