Frankenstein Sun Catchers

Frankenstein Sun Catcher 03

These Frankenstein Sun Catchers crack me up! If you drive by our house they’re the first thing you see – and we’ve been getting quite a few compliments on them (from our neighbors, walkers, even the mail lady!).

If you have little ones and want to spark their creativity, these are the perfect project!

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil (for tracing templates)
  • Construction paper (colors: black, white, green)
  • Green tissue paper
  • Contact Paper
  • Frankenstein Sun Catcher Template (if you have several children, or are a teacher and want to try this with your students, I have included a classroom set of templates to the PDF)

Frankenstein Sun Catcher 01

To make your own:

  1. Cut out a large piece of contact paper (approximately 12″ x 12″). Peel off the paper backing so the contact paper is sticky side up.
  2. Assemble the construction paper Frankenstein on top of the contact paper.
  3. Cut green tissue paper into tiny pieces and let your child fill in the face. (There is no wrong way to do this!)
  4. Once the face is filled in, press the contact paper onto a window and enjoy! (The contact paper is easy to remove, and you can move it from window to window easily without the project falling apart.)
  5. Once the Halloween season is over, you can press the contact paper onto a piece of white paper and use as a keepsake!

Frankenstein Sun Catcher 02

Looking for more Halloween projects? Check out our Witch Handprint Project!

Wishing you and yours a fun October! Happy arting!


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