Quick + Easy Halloween Decorations

Life has been pretty busy here lately. As a result I haven’t had much time to make Halloween decorations… So I decided to turn this dilemma into a challenge.

I challenged myself to find the easiest, most affordable, kid-friendly ways to decorate for Halloween. And here are the three projects I came up with!

The best part of these projects: you probably have everything you need to make these at home already!

Let’s get started!

Project #1: Milk Jug Luminary

My family used to do milk jug luminaries for Christmas every year. I always loved the look and atmosphere they gave! I thought it might be fun to try the same thing for Halloween, with a little bit of a spooky twist!

Halloween Luminaries

I simply cleaned out a used milk jug, drew a spooky face on the front (using permanent marker), and cut a hole in the back. Then I slid a candle inside and let it light up our walkway. It looks so fantastic after dark!

Project #2: Plastic Cup Luminaries

I honestly don’t know where I keep getting plastic cups. But every time I turn around they seem to multiply! So I was more than happy to use a few for this project!

I went digging through my collection until I found orange cups (the plastic Solo cup brand). My three year old and I drew pumpkins faces on the front of each one. Then we put a little bit of sand in the bottom, and a tea candle on top.

These look AMAZING on our front porch! You can see each face perfectly. I love the way these turned out!

Halloween Luminaries

Because my cup stash is never ending, I also dug out a few white cups (again, the plastic Solo cup brand).

We drew some ghost and skeleton faces on each one and put sand and a candle inside. They also look so beautiful on the front steps!

Halloween Luminaries

Project #3: Paper Towel Roll Monsters

This was a project I found on Pinterest last year and couldn’t wait to try! (I wish I could give credit to whoever thought of this, but there are so many versions online it’s impossible to find the original source – trust me, I’ve tried!)

This project was unbelievably simple! I took a few empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and drew two scary eyes on the front of each one. Then I cut around the eyes so there were two holes in each roll.

Then, I put a glow stick inside each roll, and taped the ends. Then you put each roll in a bush in your front yard. It gives off the appearance of a monster hiding… It looks so great!

Halloween Luminaries

Bonus Project: Halloween Silhouette Windows.

I made these the last two years and they are always a raging success! Find my original link and instructions here: Halloween Silhouette Windows.

Silhouette Windows

The windows take a little bit of time, but are worth the effort! We get compliments on them every year!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


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