Halloween Games for Kids: Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin Bowling 07

Who’s ready to go bowling? This activity is so easy to make, and a guaranteed great time for any munchkin!

Materials Needed:

  • Paper towel rolls (10)
  • Black construction paper
  • Candy
  • Glue, tape, or a hot glue gun
  • Small pumpkin

Pumpkin Bowling 02

Cut two eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper. You’ll need a set for each paper towel roll (20 eyes and 10 mouths total).

Pumpkin Bowling 03

Attach the facial features to each paper towel roll using glue, tape or hot glue (all will work – it’s a matter of personal preference).

Pumpkin Bowling 04

Line up the paper towel rolls like bowling pins.

Pumpkin Bowling 01

Drop a small piece of candy into each roll.

Pumpkin Bowling 05

Now it’s time to go bowling! Have children line up to roll the pumpkin towards the paper towels. The goal is to knock down as many as possible. Children get to keep whatever candy is inside the rolls they knock over.

Pumpkin Bowling 06

So fun and easy! Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!



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