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You’ve Been Thank’d

I am a huge believer in Thank You notes. I send them often, and I’m trying to teach my children to do the same. We’re lucky enough to have several people in our lives who seem to go out of their way to help us out. When this happens, I always […]


Turkey Notes – A Thanksgiving Tradition!

Last week I said to my husband, “It’s almost Thanksgiving – time to write Turkey Notes!” To which he replied, “What’s a Turkey Note?” WHAT’S A TURKEY NOTE? In my family, that’s like asking, “Who’s Santa Claus?” I thought everyone grew up with this funny family tradition! After doing a little research, […]


Thankful Tees

Today’s idea is all about celebrating Thanksgiving and teaching little ones to be thankful! I’ve always enjoyed Thanksgiving (I think my love for mashed potatoes has something to do with it!). This year I wanted to do something special to teach my son and daughter about counting blessings. I bought some […]