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Birthday Cake Photo Poster Who Arted
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My baby turned one this weekend (and we’d better move onto the next topic before I get emotional), HOWEVER, I did come up with a lot of fun, new projects in order to celebrate her birthday in the grandest way possible.

One of those projects was this birthday cake photo poster, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! My vision was to create a personalized photo poster that looked like a cake. And I wanted a font that looked like balloons. I couldn’t find any, so I made my own (go easy on me, I’ve never made a font before).

Birthday Cake Photo Poster

The poster was extremely easy to make and affordable. And since I just got laid off a month ago, this was a WIN-WIN!! We had ours printed at Staples, on a 24″x36″ black-and-white engineering print (which cost less than $4!!).

Then we added some photos and grabbed our markers to decorate. (Don’t worry, I included the exact dimensions and a template on the poster so you can have perfectly aligned photos!)

Birthday Cake Photo Poster

There are four balloons on the poster, with fill-in-the-blank phrases such as “I love to…” and “My favorite things…” My children and I filled in each blank, and since my one-year-old is too young to leave her autograph, we simply traced her hand.

Birthday Cake Photo Poster

At the bottom of the poster, we wrote her name in the banner provided, and before we knew it – we were done! I got so many compliments on this poster during her birthday party, and it was so easy and simple to make. (It probably took us less than 30-minutes to put together, and cost under $4.)

Feeling crafty? Grab your own copy here: Birthday Cake Poster.

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