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Birthday Compli-mats
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Question: What do you get when you combine a compliment and a place mat?
Answer: A *compli-mat*. (Ba-dum-ching!)

It sounds like a lame joke – but it’s actually a fun (and practical) activity! I created this project as a way to teach my children how to point out the positives in others. Did I mention it’s also a great gift idea?

Birthday Compli-mats

In a nutshell, you print the compli-mat templates (I created four to choose from!) for someone special, then write down compliments about them. Add a photo, maybe a couple of drawings, get it laminated (if you’re really ambitious), and viola! Instant compli-mat!

Birthday Compli-mats

All you need are the free downloads (available at the bottom of this post), a photo, tape, and some markers!

Start by downloading and printing the templates. The files are meant to be printed on an 11″ x 17″ sheet of paper – but you can easily resize them if you want something smaller!

Next, cut a photo to the appropriate size (each compli-mat has the needed photo size listed on it). Sidenote: We usually write the person’s name at the top, along with a birthday message, but that’s completely optional.

Birthday Compli-mats

Pro tip: We add our compliments *first* (so fingerprints don’t get all over the photos). We use these regular markers – Paper Mate Flair markers – and they work great!

As far as adding compliments, we’ve done it a couple of different ways… For my children’s birthdays we wrote one compliment a day for ten days (like a countdown). For my Grandma’s birthday, my entire extended family wrote one compliment in different colors.

Birthday Compli-mats

Once we’re all done with our compli-mats we have them laminated so the person receiving the compli-mat can use them over, and over, and over again!

Birthday Compli-mats

We’ve made several compli-mats over the last year and they’ve all turned out beautifully! They’re probably one of my favorite gifts to give.

Birthday Compli-mats

My favorite part of this project is listening to the “compliments” my children come up with. They range from cute, to practical, to hilarious!

There are four templates available – keep scrolling to download your own!:

Compli-mats 08Birthday Photo Compli-mat

Compli-mats 10Birthday Photo Compli-mat

Compli-mats 09Birthday Photo Compli-mat

Compli-mats 11Birthday Photo Compli-mat

Super cute, right? Want to make one? Start by grabbing you free downloads here:

Do you know someone who could use a compli-mat? Why not give it a try! Be sure to share your photos – you can upload to Instagram and tag @whoartedphoto or use the hashtag #whoartedblog, or share on my Facebook page!

If you liked this idea check out my Birthday Candy Gram (it’s been downloaded over 35,000 times!) or you can find all of my birthday posts here.

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  1. This is sooooooo cute 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. Hai these ideas are very cool and impressive even though they are small these ideas really mean a lot

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