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Mother’s Day Gift Bag Cards

Who needs social distancing Mother’s Day ideas? Stay tuned because I have SO MANY coming your way!! Today I’m sharing this cute number – Mother’s Day gift bag cards! Inside are writing prompts saying, “If I could, I would buy you…”, and the card itself looks like a gift bag. […]


Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Am I the only one who struggles with Mother’s Day? I have two small children (a one and two year old) and it’s almost impossible to find cute Mother’s Day activities for them. After scouring the Internet for what felt like an eternity last night, I gave up and created […]


Mother’s Day Flowers

Remember those adorable hand and foot print bouquets I posted earlier this week? (If not, click here.) I loved the idea so much, I wanted to try and make a floral arrangement the same way. And here’s the beautiful result: A colorful pot of “flowers” made up of my children’s […]


Mother’s Day Cards (Fun Art Project!)

It was 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was raining…again. I was home alone with my three- and one-year old, and the thought of being stuck indoors for another night was too much. I grabbed some construction paper and crayons, and with some quick thinking, made this fun distraction art project for […]


Mother’s Day Handprint Bouquet

I love giving flowers. But deep down, I always feel a little wasteful because they die so quickly. As Mother’s Day approaches, I went on a mission to find a longer lasting bouquet of flowers. What I came up with are these adorable hand and foot print bouquets! They were inexpensive and took about […]