20 for 2020

We’ve been filling our quarantined days with educational projects and crafts, but today we decided to do something a little different…

We took a few steps back and tried to look at the bigger picture, by setting goals for the year. (It’s never too late!)

Inspired by the Happier Podcast we set 20 goals for 2020

I didn’t give the kids any restrictions – just 20 goals they want to achieve before 2020 is over. Some are sweet, some are ambitious, and some will be crossed off before the week is over.

They put a lot of thought into their lists and it was a nice way to practice handwriting, explore our goals for the year, and have conversations about our future.

I created this free worksheet to help capture your goals (available in three colors). You can download a free copy here.

This is part of my four weeks of quarantine series: A new (free!) project every single day, for four weeks.

UPDATE: I have created a mailing list for all my freebies. If you’d like to get an e-mail every day with a link to the newest template, you can sign up here.

Stay well, friends!

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