All About You Birthday Posters

All About You Birthday Poster

All About You Birthday PosterLet’s be real for a minute.

Kids love birthdays…but only if it’s *their* birthday.

And honestly, it’s been a bit of a problem in our house.

My daughter gets super excited when she hears the word “birthday”, and automatically assumes we’re talking about her birthday. Within minutes she’s making a list and envisioning all of the gifts she’ll be receiving…

While I’m all for planning for the future and having something to look forward too, I didn’t want to encourage self-centered behavior. So in order to nip this behavior in the bud, we’ve been focusing on how good it feels to celebrate other people’s birthdays.

After all, what could be more important than celebrating someone you love?

What could be more important than letting that person know you’re grateful for their existence and for sharing a part of their life with you?

Enter today’s project… The “All About You” birthday poster!

In order to help my little one’s focus on celebrating someone other than themselves, I created this poster. It includes writing and drawing prompts to help them express why they are grateful for the birthday honoree.

All About You Birthday Poster

Sections include:

  • Five words that describe you.
  • Four things I love about you.
  • Three things you like.
  • Two pictures I drew for you.
  • One picture of us.

I’m not kidding you. This changed the way my children talked about birthdays.

Now they are excited for other people’s birthdays. They look forward to them and can’t wait to celebrate on behalf of someone else!

In fact, we just created two posters for my father-in-law’s birthday and he loved them. Even better, my kids loved making them!

All About You Birthday Poster

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It’s been a total game changer in our house, and has led to some enthusiastic conversations about sending birthday cards, gift planning, and brainstorming other ideas to celebrate our family and friends.

All About You Birthday Poster

Want to make some of your own! You can grab a download of the poster right here, or scroll down for more information.

We always print these on black-and-white “engineering” prints at our local print shops (think Staples, Office Max, or Kinkos). This poster was printed on a 24″ x 36″ piece of paper and cost less than $4!

To print, just download the file, and order online, or bring a thumb drive into the store for assistance. Easy peasy.

Need more birthday ideas? You can find all of my birthdays posts here. Or check out a few of my most popular posts: Birthday Posters and Birthday Candy Grams.

Happy creating! Happy celebrating!

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