Letter of the Week Series: Letters A+B

Letter of the Week
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Let me start by saying I’m a “mean Mom” who makes her kids do homework over the summer. Actually, to be fair, I don’t “make” them do anything – they love doing homework! In fact, as soon as my daughter woke up today she asked, “Can I do my homework before breakfast?” Nerdy moms rejoice!

I decided to try a “letter of the week” system with our children for the summer. Since our family has 13 weeks of summer break, and there are 26 letters in the alphabet, we’re focusing on two letters per week until school starts back up.

Letter of the Week

I did a little bit of research and found some great projects for us to work on each week. Then I went ahead and printed an entire summer’s worth of worksheets and activities, so I can grab them and go each week.

Print and click. No prep. No fuss!

Here are the fun things we’re working on – including links to find your own! (Best part: most of these are freebies!)

Letter of the Week

LEGO Duplo Alphabet Mats

Seriously – how cute are these?!?! My kiddos love this activity so much we end up doing it over, and over, and over again! Simply download the sheets, print, and make letters using your LEGO Duplos!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: LEGO Duplo Alphabet Mats at 123Homeschool4Me.com.

American Sign Language Alphabet Mazes

My son has always been fascinated by sign language. When I stumbled upon these mazes online, I knew we had to do them! These worksheets are free downloads – we’re following along week-by-week, and learning how to sign the alphabet. (We’re also taking pictures with our ABC magnets for a collage we’ll put together at the end of the summer!)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: ASL Alphabet Mazes at Brainy Maze.

Alphabet Art Craftivities

Turn each letter into a piece of art with my favorite letter of the week activity! All you need for these craftivities is construction paper, scissors, and glue! I actually made these templates three years ago when my son was in preschool. My daughter was so excited to dig these out and make some of her own! (Individual and classroom sets available.)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: “A” for Alligator { free download! } and “B” for Bee.

Spot and Dot Worksheets

These Spot and Dot worksheets are another favorite in our house! (And they’re FREE – what’s not to love?) My children are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with dabbers. So they love “dabbing” their way through these worksheets and finding the hidden letters. (You can buy dabbers here. I guarantee they’ll be a hit in your household!)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Spot and Dot Worksheets by From ABCs to ACTs.

“I Spy” Letter Worksheets

These color-by-letter worksheets combine upper- and lower-case letters, and when completed correctly reveal a hidden letter! My son LOVES these! We used our dabbers (I told you, my kids love them!) but you could easily use crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Letter of the Week
Find them here: “I Spy” Worksheets by Teaching Products.

Color By Letter

These find-and-color worksheets are super cute, too! They take a while for my toddler to complete – but my Kindergartner can FLY through them! Sometimes my youngest asks for help coloring these, but I always put her in charge of identifying each letter and assigning the right color.

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Find & Color Worksheets at A Teachable Teacher.

Alphabet Find

I also love these alphabet find worksheets – grab your dabbers again! – because they are educational and fun. This is such a great, free resource!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Dab A-Z Worksheets from Teaching RichaRichi.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

These are one of my favorites because they allow for creativity, while still encouraging letter recognition. I printed the upper- and lower-case pages for my preschooler, and the upper-case only pages for my Kindergartner. We use these worksheets during our “creative time” – no rules, no instructions, just a bunch of art supplies and freedom! (We commonly use our crayons, markers, colored pencils, and dabbers.)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Coloring Pages from Life Over C’s.
Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Scrappy Coloring Pages from From the Pond.

And that’s what we’re spending our summer doing! I promise, you don’t have to be “SuperMom” to keep your children active and learning throughout the summer.

Stay in touch and follow us as we work through the alphabet – you can find all of my Letter of the Week activities here. Do you do anything fun to keep your children learning over the summer months? If so, I’d love to hear them – be sure to share below!

Letter of the Week


  1. So much fun! We’ll have to give a few of these a try this summer. You are such a great Mom!


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