Thankful Bath Time

Here’s a simple Thanksgiving Countdown Activity for your little ones! All you need are bath crayons and a bath tub! (I realize it’s a little late to try it this Thanksgiving season, but you can always pin it for next year!)

Thanksgiving Activity for Kids 00

At the beginning of November I wrote “Thankful For” on our bath tub wall. Every night at bath time, I wrote down something my son was thankful for (using the bath crayons) and let him draw a picture underneath.

At the end of each bath, we washed off the wall, and repeated the process the following night. Now that we’ve reached Thanksgiving, we have 28 photos of our son and his “Thankful Bath Time” creations.

It was so much fun asking him what he was thankful for and watching him draw funny pictures. It’s never too early to teach your children gratitude!

Here are a few of his creations:

Thanksgiving Activity for Kids 01

I’m truly appreciative and thankful for each and every one of you who visit my site. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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