Baby Book Ideas

Want to see what a year of hard work looks like..?

I FINALLY finished my sons’ baby book and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! (My affiliate links are in this post.)

Baby Book Ideas

First of all, don’t let this photo fool you – this book is a BEAST! It’s 12″ x 12″ and weighs over three pounds.

I used Mixbook to print this monster and am thrilled with the finished product! I chose a hard cover photo book with matching dust jacket (we have a lot of messes around here, better safe than sorry!).

Baby Book Ideas

I often get asked what’s inside, so here’s a quick rundown:

Calendars and Monthly Letters

I made a calendar page for each month to document our family schedule. I wrote down holidays, doctor’s appointments, celebrations and milestones (first tooth, smile, laugh and so on).

I also wrote my son a letter each month. I wrote about his personality, my thoughts on parenting, and included funny stories. (I love going back and reading these!)

Baby Book Ideas Monthly LettersBaby Book Ideas Monthly Letters

Want to add a calendar to your scrapbook? You can find my templates here: Calendar Templates. And my tutorials here: How to Add Calendars to your Digital Photo Albums.

Stat Sheet and Journal Entries

I also created a monthly stat sheet to document his height, weight, milestones and favorite things (toys, books, songs, games). My husband also wrote a note to our son each month, so I included those on this page as well.

Baby Book Ideas Monthly MilestonesBaby Book Ideas Monthly Milestones

Cards and Letters

I’m not one to keep all of the cards we receive. Don’t think I’m a bad person – I just don’t like clutter. However, I do scan our cards and letters, and I made sure to include them in our baby book!

I made special pages to display all of the cards we received from the time I found out I was pregnant to the day my son turned one! I love the way these pages turned out! (And it’s wonderful to see our family and friends’ handwriting throughout his baby book!)

Baby Book Ideas Scan CardsBaby Book Ideas Scan CardsBaby Book Ideas Scan Cards

Holiday Photos

I did mini photo shoots with my son for each holiday. I included all of those photos, along with photos of our family celebrating.

I also included a short note on how we celebrated and who we celebrated with.

Baby Book Ideas HolidaysBaby Book Ideas HolidaysBaby Book Ideas Holidays

Seasonal Photos

I also included a page for each season. I took seasonal photos in front of our house – my goal was to document how the weather changed and how our son reacted!

Baby Book Ideas SeasonsBaby Book Ideas Seasons

Special Occasions

I tried to include photos and scraps from all his special occasions, including baptism, first foods, birthday, and vacations.

For some of the more meaningful events, my husband and I wrote notes to our son – I included those as well.

Baby Book Ideas Special OccasionsBaby Book Ideas Special OccasionsBaby Book Ideas Special Occasions


There were a lot of “extras” I included. I put a family tree in the beginning, professional photos, letters from his family throughout the year, and a birthday countdown.

Baby Book Ideas Professional PhotosBaby Book Ideas Family Tree

Baby Book Ideas Scan Letters

Baby Book Ideas Birthday Countdown

And that’s the book!

If you’d like to flip through page-by-page, you can do so here:  Casey’s Baby Book.

Did I mention I finished his second baby book (ages 1 to 2)? Find out more:  Life After the Baby Book.


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