Elf on the Shelf Note Cards

Twelve Day of Christmas (in July): Day 9!

Elf on the Shelf Note Cards 01

Our Elf, Tinsel, tends to be very mischievous. And since our children are very young (two years old and two months old) our elf leaves behind a short note each night to explain his shenanigans.

Elf on the Shelf Note Cards 03

It’s one thing to find our elf sitting on a pile of coins. It adds so much more to readΒ a note from him explaining he found the coins on the sidewalks when he flew back to the North Pole so he collected them for our son’s piggy bank.

Elf on the Shelf Note Cards 02

Our elf let me borrow his note cards to share with you! You can download blank versions here (Elf on the Shelf Note Cards). Just print and let your elf explain his messes each morning. I guarantee your children will love this magical touch!



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