Thank a Mailman Day!

Thank a Mailman Day is February 4th. This is a great chance to say a BIG thank you to the person who braves the rain, snow and sleet to bring you your mail.

Thank a Mailman 02

Here’s a simple (and free!) way to tell your mail carrier how much you appreciate their service:  our Thank a Mailman Postcard!

Thank a Mailman Day Postcard - Armstrong

Just attach this printable to a bag of M&Ms and you have a great surprise for your mailman! Gather your supplies and let’s get started!

Thank a Mailman 03

Materials Needed:

Step One:  Print out our “Thank a Mailman Postcard” onto thick paper (I prefer cardstock). Cut out using the guidelines provided. Punch a hole in the card for your ribbon.

Thank a Mailman 04

Step Two:  String ribbon through the holes.

Thank a Mailman 05

Step Three:  Tie to a bag of M&Ms. Curl the remaining ribbon.

Thank a Mailman 06

Step Four:  Place in your mailbox and watch your mail carrier smile!

Thank a Mailman 08

Sometimes it’s the smaller gestures that mean the most! Enjoy!