FREE Compliments! Flyer (Printable)

National Compliment Day is fast approaching (celebrated every year on January 24th). And to help you get in the “complimenting” spirit, we have a great freebie for you!
Free Compliments Flyer 01

A Free Compliment Flyer to post in your home, office or around town! How cute is that? It’s easy to compliment others with this piece, just follow these steps:

1. Download and print out a color or black and white copy of our “Free Compliment Flyer”.

Free Compliments Flyer 02

2. Trim the edges and cut a straight line between each compliment.

Free Compliments Flyer 03

Free Compliments Flyer 04

3. Hang the flyer up where you think people will appreciate the compliments. And you’re done!

Free Compliments Flyer 05

You can download the color copy by clicking here:  Free Compliment Flyer (Color)

And the black and white version by clicking here:  Free Compliment Flyer (Black & White)

I appreciate all of you who visit my website. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!



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