DIY: Personalized Wrapping Paper

My husband and I spent hours trying to find our wedding party gifts. And once we finally selected the right items, I thought it’d be nice to add a personal touch to the packaging as well… So I created personalized wrapping paper for each member of our wedding party.

I made all of the wrapping paper in Photoshop (although you could probably use any sort of photo editing software) and had the sheets printed at Kinkos.

I started in Photoshop by making a background layer with text (we included our friends’ names, inside jokes, and lyrics from our favorite songs). Then I inserted photos of us with each respective person. I added random borders and rearranged the photos to my liking.

Then I took my 25 files to Kinkos and the sales rep helped me figure out what size I needed. Once the sheets were printed, I wrapped each gift, added a custom card and some ribbon. It was very inexpensive (cheaper than actual wrapping paper) and it added a very personalized touch to each of our gifs.

Here’s the final result:

(Thanks to Creative Wedding Package for the beautiful photos!)

There’s so much room to be creative with this project. Make it your own! Enjoy!

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