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Happy Compliment Day!

You look beautiful today! It’s great to see you. I’m so happy you stopped by. You really are amazing! Happy Compliment Day! Celebrated every year on January 24th, today is an opportunity to say something positive about the people you interact with. Remember, everyone has good attributes – that’s right – […]


Happy National Hug Day!

Happy National Hug Day! Celebrated every year on January 21st, National Hug Day is a great opportunity to show the people in your life you care. I love a good hug! You can’t give one without receiving one at the same time… That’s the beauty of hugs! Here are a few […]


Hug Goody Bags (with Free Printable Tags)

Take a Break! You deserve a Hug! National Hug Day is almost here (January 21st). And I have a great freebie to help you celebrate! (Don’t plan on celebrating National Hug Day? These also make great Valentine’s!) These “Take a Break! You Deserve a Hug!” tags can be attached to goody bags, […]


Mail a Hug

National Hug Day is January 21st. If your family and friends live far away, you can still celebrate the day… by mailing them a hug! All you need are: Brightly colored paper Pencil / Pen Scissors Tape Decorating Supplies:  Markers, crayons, glue, glitter Envelope Stamp Let’s get started! Trace your […]