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Jelly Bean Bracelets

With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter being so close together this year I didn’t have much time to plan Easter activities. (Insert the feeling of failure and a touch of mommy guilt.) This week I’ve been racking my brain for some quick and easy craftivities for my little ones. I didn’t […]


Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass!

It’s been one long winter. So long, I thought I’d never see grass growing again. With Easter just a few weeks away, I decided to put together a little project for my son. I wanted something hands-on to banish our winter blues. The end result:  we grew our own Easter grass! This project […]


Cascarones… Confetti Eggs!

It all started the day before Easter in 2004. I was in college, minding my own business, when out of nowhere my roommate walked in, broke an egg over my head and yelled, “Happy Easter!” I looked down and found myself sitting in a pile of confetti. I had just […]


Easter Egg Bath Hunt

It started with laughing, splashing and excitement… And ended with me fishing poop out of the water. Despite the extra clean up time, I still declare our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Bath Hunt a roaring success! (If you have a baby or toddler in your life – you have to try […]