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Baseball Themed Rehearsal Dinner

Baseball means a lot to my husband and I. So to accomodate our tastes we decided to have our rehearsal dinner at Modern Woodmen Park (a local minor league ballpark – rated the eighth most classic and beautiful ballpark in America! If you’re ever in the Quad Cities be sure to check it […]

DIY: Personalized Wrapping Paper

My husband and I spent hours trying to find our wedding party gifts. And once we finally selected the right items, I thought it’d be nice to add a personal touch to the packaging as well… So I created personalized wrapping paper for each member of our wedding party. I made all of the wrapping […]

Rehearsal Idea: Paper Flower Bouquets

When we got married I wanted to give my bridesmaids something fun to carry down the aisle at our rehearsal. I ended up making them flower paper bouquets. I asked each of them for their two favorite colors, found coordinating paper, and purchased a very inexpensive pattern from The Paper Source. […]

Family Tree

I’m always on the hunt for creative gift ideas. For Christmas last year, I wanted to make a creative family tree to send to all of our aunts and uncles. For the family tree above, I created the tree trunk in photoshop (if you look closely, the trunk is made up […]

Dave Matthews Band Scrapbook

Greg and I love Dave Matthews Band concerts. We’ve been to several (I think combined we’ve been to over 80). They are the one thing we spend money on and really look forward to every year. And who wouldn’t? We get to travel, visit our friends all over the United States and see great musicians […]

Baby Book – Letters from Mom and Dad

When I brought Casey home from the hospital everyone told me to cherish every single moment, good and bad, because children grow quickly… And they were absolutely right! And being completely sleep deprived for the first year, I was afraid I would forget a lot of those funny, everyday moments. So, to capture those memories for Casey (and to […]