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August 2012

Happy September everyone! I love the beginning of a new month… And there are a lot of reasons to celebrate in September 🙂 But before we move on, it’s once again time to reflect and fill in Casey’s baby book with what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!    

Children’s Artwork Binder

I’m an ridiculously excited to share today’s post! To preface: I am a lover of art – music, photography, paintings, you name it! My son and I have been creating art projects since he was born. Every month I sketch a picture on white cardstock and he “colors” it in using […]

Printable Grandparents Day Cards

**Updated: August 14, 2013** Visit our newest post to download cards without a date on the bottom. To view, click here. Grandparent’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, September 9th! And what better way to say “I Love You” than with a little care pacakge 🙂 Today’s projects are an adorable […]

Printable Back to School Interviews (Templates)

Back to School Interviews are a fun way to document your child’s changing preferences and personality throughout their school years. The concept is easy: have your little one fill out the below interview at the beginning of each school year. By the time he or she graduates you will have nineteen years […]

Happy Dolls and The Birthday Project

I first heard about “The Birthday Project” from a close friend of mine. The idea is simple: on your birthday, you do one random act of kindness for every year of your life. So if you’re turning 30, you do 30 random acts of kindness. This sort of thing is […]