Welcome to the A-OK challenge! In a nutshell, A-OK stands for “Acts of Kindness”. It’s an idea I came up with a few weeks ago after my entire department was unexpectedly laid off.

While it was extremely terrifying a bit scary, I wanted to assure my colleagues everything would be A-OK. So I decided to do something nice every day for 22 days, in honor of the 22 people losing their job.

Every day I go out and do an Act of Kindness. Some are random – some are not. But each one is inspired by – and dedicated to – someone special I’ve met or worked with in the last decade of my life.

I never thought this idea would take off as much as it has! In the past ten days I’ve had strangers make requests in honor of other people, I’ve had people want to donate for certain challenges, and I’ve gotten suggestions for future acts of kindness. I’m loving all of it – keep the ideas coming!

It’s been a great and truly rewarding experience and I’m hoping to continue the challenge beyond 22 days. Follow along by checking out the acts of kindness completed so far…

Day #21: Hang up candy.
Day #22: Write a good review.
Day #23: Tape quarters on a gumball stand.
Day #24: Draw a picture for someone.
Day #25: Just say “yes”.

Day #26: Mail a high five.
Day #27: Sing a song.
Day #28: Thank a firefighter.