Front Hunt

Easter weekend is upon us. It’s going to be hard being away from family – but we’ve come up with a fun way to celebrate with each other.

It’s called a “Front Hunt”. And it’s an easy way to celebrate Easter while social distancing.

In a nutshell, you hide items in your front yard – then make a list of hidden items and send it to your family. They can then drive-by or park in front of your house and try to find the items you’ve hidden. Sort of like an “I Spy” Easter egg hunt.

We can’t wait to set up a hunt for our cousins! We have a pile of items ready to hide.

If you’d like to set up your own “Front Hunt”, you can download the template here.

And it’s editable and printable! (You can type in your hidden items and text it to your loved ones!)

This is part of my four weeks of quarantine series: new (free!) projects for you and your family to do during quarantine.

UPDATE: I have created a mailing list for all my freebies. If you’d like to get an e-mail every day with a link to the newest template, you can sign up here.

Stay well, friends!

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