Printable Daily Routine for Kids

Raise your hand if you have a bit of chaos in your life.

A friend on Instagram asked if I could “create some sort of editable routine calendar” for kids. Absolutely! This one’s for you!

I created a morning, afternoon, evening – AND – daily calendar! All with lots of colors and printable options!

And the best part? The template is editable so you can type in your own routine!

I hope this helps anyone out there struggling to get a new daily routine established while we’re all quarantined.

You can download the free templates here:

This is part of my four weeks of quarantine series: A new (free!) project every single day, for four weeks.

UPDATE: I have created a mailing list for all my freebies. If you’d like to get an e-mail every day with a link to the newest template, you can sign up here.

Stay well, friends!

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