Wave Parade

We needed to get out today. (Don’t we all?) So we made a list of family and friends we missed and did a surprise “wave parade”.

We told all four kiddos to grab a beverage and loaded up the van. Then we drove around to their friends houses (we texted their parents in advance to get permission), parked, rolled the windows down and waved. We called it our “Wave Parade”.

Let me tell you, we’ve been doing our fair share of FaceTime and Zoom meeting these last few weeks, but actually being in the presence of people we know was so amazing.

We originally thought we’d just slow down, wave and keep going – but every single family was standing in their yard when we pulled up. It was awesome.

We saw my daughter’s friends jumping up and down in their yard as we approached, and I’ll never forget the joyous laughter that came from the back seat. It was so energizing to see people again. (Yes, we were more than 6-feet away.)

You can download a color and black-and-white version of the “Wave Parade” here:

This is part of my four weeks of quarantine series: A new (free!) project every single day, for four weeks.

Stay well, friends!

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