Birthday Bubble Poster

Birthday Bubble Poster

There is a new trend among parents to spend $500 – $1000 on a child’s first birthday.

$1000 people.

Birthday Bubble PosterNow, before I get accused of “mom shaming” let me say this; my only wish for everyone in this world is to be happy. So if spending $1000 on a birthday party for you child really fulfills you, then so be it. More power to you.

However, if you fall into that trap because you feel the need to keep up with the Joneses, let me offer you some help.

We just threw my daughter a great first birthday party, spending less than $50 and throwing it all together in less than one week. My point being, you don’t have to drive yourself insane or deplete your bank account in order to host a memorable party.

There are a thousand creative, fun, and inexpensive ways to celebrate your child’s first birthday – without giving up all hopes of an early retirement.

My daughter’s first birthday was right after Christmas. To be honest, I had little time, little money, and little energy to come up with a big, extravagant party. We’re close enough for me to admit this to you; I barely survived the holidays.

So I counted on my creativity to bail me out.

Using nothing but a large piece of paper, some markers and tape, I created this great keepsake poster – AND IT. WAS. A. HIT.

I mean, C’mon! The pictures alone are priceless!

During the party, I laid the poster on the kitchen table and had all party guests write down what they thought my daughter will be when she grows up. The answers were a combination of sweet, touching, and hilarious.

Birthday Bubble Poster


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I love this project so much because even the youngest party-goers could give their input. It had us laughing and reminiscing at the same time.

It was such a hit, I created a downloadable copy for you to enjoy at your child’s next birthday party! Just download below, write their name in at the top, and display! I guarantee you’ll have a blast! (View full product details here – I created a version for both boys and girls!!)

Birthday Bubble Poster

My favorite way to print these is at a local print shop (think Staples, Office Max, or Kinkos). Print on a 24″ x 36″ black and white “engineering” print and you can bring it home for less than $4!! (Then tuck the remaining $996 into a savings account…wink, wink.)

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Happy creating!

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