How to watch the Super Bowl with Kids

Super Bowl Sunday Who Arted

Let’s talk about Super Bowl Sunday, shall we?

If your family is anything like ours, the adults are usually pretty excited to see the game and there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it: food, drinks, inviting friends over, making sure there’s ample space for all involved…

But your kids may not be as excited.

In fact, they may not care *at all*.

Which means you may spend most of the game listening to them complain about the lack of cartoons available, or be tempted by – and give into – their requests for other types of screen time (i.e. tablets, laptops, phones, etc.).

So how can you get them more interested in the event? My husband and I have been trying to figure this out for years now (six, if anyone is counting), and this is the first year both of us were actually able to enjoy the game. And this is exactly how we did it…

5 ways to get your kids excited for the Super Bowl – so you can actually SIT DOWN and ENJOY the game!

1. First off, we started about a week ago.¬†Nothing serious or hard core, but we told them a big game was coming up and let them know which teams would be playing. My son was all over it: he wanted to know who the quarterbacks, best players, and coaches were. My daughter wanted to know the important things: who were the mascots and what colors they’d be wearing. It may seem silly, but I swear to you, it worked.

2. We face painted. If you saw my recent face painting post you know my kids think this is the most fun activity ever. I put a couple of black stripes on my son’s cheek so he’d look like a football player, and my daughter got a football crown. I didn’t have a template for either – I just winged it. They were pumped.

3. We actually played football before the game. Yes, it was freezing. Yes, it was snowing. And yes, when I say “we” I actually mean my husband. (Someone had to stay in the warm house to taste test the great food. He’s so lucky to have me, right?!) Regardless, they had a great time, even though they were only out there for 20-minutes.

Super Bowl Sunday Who Arted

4. We did some Super Bowl inspired art projects. My husband and son both drew their own version of the game day field. My son also drew up some fake plays. And then he pretended to play in the living room for hours. By this point he was amped!

5. We made predictions. Before the game we did our usual predictions: Would the National Anthem be over or under 2-minutes? Which team would win? What would the final score be? Would Justin Timberlake have a surprise guest?

Believe it or not, for the first time EVER – these five activities got my kids interested enough to watch the game.

And I wasn’t running around trying to take care of everyone the entire time (pumps fist in the air)! I’m chalking this year up as a victory!

I’d love to know – do you have any fun ways to keep your entire family entertained during the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday Who Arted

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