The Best Face Paint for Moms + Kids

Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted 03
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We’ve been using a lot of face paint lately, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it on my social media accounts. So I thought I’d save everyone some time and write a quick post about the basics of face painting for moms.

Please know up front – I am a newbie. Honestly, I have never face painted before this summer, and since then I’ve only done it four times. So this is very, very basic advice for those of you beginners like me.

Over the summer I bought this Snazaroo Face Paint kit off Amazon. (It was on sale for $15, how could I say no?!). I also purchased this extra set of brushes, these face paint sponges, and one container of glitter dust (which, if you have a girl, is a must!).

Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted

These were an impulse buy at it’s finest. I didn’t even know what to do with it once it was delivered. Of course, two days after it arrived, my kids found it and immediately begged me to paint their faces.

So I asked my trusty friend YouTube for help, and started painting along with some basic tutorials. (I literally searched YouTube for “Poppy face paint tutorial”, or “Paw Patrol face paint tutorial”…you get the idea.) My kids thought I was a ROCK STAR. And I felt like an imposter, because I swear to you – it was so easy. Trust me: if I can do it, anyone can!

Here are some photos of the creations we did over the last few months. I mean, we’re not winning any awards over here, but it’s been really fun and my kids *love* it!

Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted

A few tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. You have to get the face paint wet first. This may seem like an idiotic thing to not-know, but the first time I tried to use our kit, I could not figure out why it wouldn’t go on my brush. Yep. You have to get the paint wet first. (*Smacks head.*) Solution: I keep a small cup of water nearby, wet my brush, then rub the wet brush in the face paint. WORKS GREAT!
  2. Sponges are your friend! When you have large areas of the face to apply color to – use a sponge. It’s SO much faster! And easier! And it dries crazy-fast. Don’t waste your time with a brush – just dab some wet paint on a sponge and dab away.
  3. Just try it! I was so intimidated the first time I tried to paint my daughter’s face (the Poppy photo above). You know what – it’s not perfect, but it’s stinkin’ cute. My kids DO NOT CARE if it’s perfect. Just try it. Worst case scenario: you mess up really badly, wash their face off, and try again.


Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted

For fast and easy removal, I just use hot, soapy water on a soft wash cloth. That’s it. (Yes, it washes off the wash cloth in the washing machine.)

When my niece was visiting, she was a little apprehensive of a wash cloth, so I used makeup remover on Q-tips and cotton swabs. Worked just as well!

Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted

To wrap it all up, we love our face painting kit. These designs take less than 5-minutes (and that’s if you’re slow like me!), and there are endless creations out there! I have no complaints. It washes off quickly and effortlessly, lasts a long time, and doesn’t irritate my children’s skin. It’s such a fun family activity! We absolutely love it!

Anyone else out there face paint occasionally? Got any extra tips? If so, share in the comment section below!

Until next time, happy creating!

Best Face Paint for Moms Who Arted

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