Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 19

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 19: Surprise a mail carrier.

Today’s act of kindness was long overdue.

There is someone I see almost every single day of the week, and she always sees me at my worst… Usually in my holey sweatpants and slippers. I’m talking about my one and only mail carrier.

She is amazing and come rain, snow, or sweltering heat, she’s always on time and delivers with a smile.

So today we wanted to do something to brighten her day – much like she brightens mine. So we put together a little note and some candy and laid it in our mailbox for her. We weren’t home to see her get it – but I’m hoping she was surprised! You can watch today’s act of kindness below:

To go back to the main Acts of Kindness Challenge page, click here. Peace and love! Make it a great day!

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