Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 18

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 18: Hide decorated rocks.

What do you do when your daughter is home from school with strep throat?

Paint rocks – then throw them around your neighborhood. Obviously.

This is apparently a national phenomenon I didn’t know anything about – but we sure had a lot of fun participating (and now I totally understand why it’s sweeping the nation).

We simply gathered some rocks out of our landscaping, painted them, wrote some inspirational messages on each one, then hide them around our neighborhood.

We put them by our neighbors mailboxes, in landscaping, by fences, and on people’s front stoops.

They are supposed to be random acts of kindness, but my daughter is pretty vocal when she sees one, “LOOK, MOM! OVER THERE! A ROCK WE PAINTED!” (She’s not real stealth.) You can watch today’s act of kindness below:

To go back to the main Acts of Kindness Challenge page, click here. Peace and love! Make it a great day!

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