Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 16

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 16: Wrap gifts for an elder.

Today’s act of kindness goes hand-in-hand with yesterday’s act of kindness (help someone buy gifts – find it here).

I decided to take it one step further and wrap all the gifts I helped my grandparents purchase (after they got a chance to see them, of course).

It turned out to be a double act of kindness because a parishioner at Mass mentioned she could use help wrapping her gifts as well.

After all was said and done, I wrapped over thirty gifts today. It took me a little while, but I’m glad I was able to give my time to people who really needed – and appreciated – the help. You can watch today’s act of kindness below:

To go back to the main Acts of Kindness Challenge page, click here. Peace and love! Make it a great day!

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