Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 3

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 3: Buy coffee for a stranger.

Today I was inspired by one of my colleagues who is known for her love of coffee – AND – gift cards. I wanted to do something nice for other people and I wanted it to be anonymous.

So I went into our budget binder, where we keep all of our gift cards, and found a stack of unused Starbucks gift cards. (The only reason they are unused is because I don’t live by a Starbucks.)

With the stack of gift cards in hand, I drove out of my way to the closest Starbucks. I ordered myself a coffee, then handed the gift cards to the woman behind the counter, and asked her to use the remaining funds to pay for everyone going through the drive-thru.

Long story short – I had to go back to Starbucks because my daughter forgot her hat. The woman behind the counter told me there was over $72 left on my gift cards and it had paid for about a dozen people in the the drive thru.

I hope we made quite a few people’s day! You can watch today’s act of kindness below:

To go back to the main Acts of Kindness Challenge page, click here. Peace and love! Make it a great day!

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