Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 2

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 2: Help with a fundraiser.

This challenge was inspired by one of my coworkers who has four extremely well educated children – and his pride for them shows every single day!

I decided the best way to honor him would be by doing something to improve our school. There is a fundraiser coming up this spring, and the committee was in need of someone to make the first grade project.

I spoke with the teachers and picked a day to go in and have the students help with the project. We ended up making a decorative platter with a tree on it, and each student left a thumbprint as one of the leaves.

This project took me very little time to complete, was extremely easy to do, and the best part is, one of the parents already said she plans on starting the bidding at a couple hundred dollars… So my return on investment was huge!

And because of that – the school will be able to purchase some much needed supplies. You can watch today’s act of kindness below:

To go back to the main Acts of Kindness Challenge page, click here. Peace and love! Make it a great day!

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