Letter of the Week Series: Letters G+H

Letter of the Week
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Week four of our summer “letter of the week” series, and we covered the letters “G” and “H”.

Last week I had a reader ask, “When do you do these activities with your children?” Honestly, it’s different every week. If the kids are at home during the day we do them during “quiet time” (since they’ve outgrown naps). If the kids go to daycare, we do these activities before dinnertime. Sometimes they wake up and want to do homework first thing in the morning – they’re nerds, just like their mom. So the answer is – every day is different!

LEGO Duplo Alphabet Mats

We are still loving these LEGO Duplo mats – and Lord knows, we have plenty of LEGO Duplos in this house!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: LEGO Duplo Alphabet Mats at 123Homeschool4Me.com.

American Sign Language Alphabet Mazes

Another week of learning sign language with our ABC magnets. Our summer sign language collage is almost half way done!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: ASL Alphabet Mazes at Brainy Maze.

Alphabet Art Craftivities

How cute are these?!?!  I started using my Silhouette to cut these templates out, and it’s been a HUGE timesaver! (Individual and classroom sets available.)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: “G” for Giraffe and “H” for Horse.

Spot and Dot Worksheets

Any dabber activity is a fun activity!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Spot and Dot Worksheets by From ABCs to ACTs.

“I Spy” Letter Worksheets

More dabber worksheets. Grab your own dabbers here – I promise you won’t regret it!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: “I Spy” Worksheets by Teaching Products.

Color By Letter

Our color-by-letter worksheets turned out super cute again this week!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Find & Color Worksheets at A Teachable Teacher.

Alphabet Find

And…more dabber time! (These are probably my daughter’s favorite activities each week!)

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Dab A-Z Worksheets from Teaching RichaRichi.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Once again, we grabbed our crayons, markers, colored pencils, and dabbers, and went to town on these fun coloring pages!

Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Coloring Pages from Life Over C’s.
Letter of the Week
Find them here: Alphabet Scrappy Coloring Pages from From the Pond.

And another week is in the books! You can view our previous weeks here:
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Or you can find all of my Letter of the Week activities here.

Anyone have any fun “G” or “H” activities you recommend? Leave them in the comment section below!

Letter of the Week


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  1. Such fun ideas!

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