Teacher Appreciation Week {Tuesday}

Teacher Appreciation Superhero
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It’s day two of Teacher Appreciation Week and I’m sharing a “Super” way to say thank you! Actually, if I’m being honest, my son is sharing. I was searching Pinterest for teacher gift ideas and he saw this one and immediately begged to try it. So…here we are!

I found this idea over at Artsy Momma which is where you’ll find the freebie. My son and I tweaked the idea a bit so he could add some more personalized touches.

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

C’mon! How adorable is that?!?! And what teacher doesn’t deserve a little chocolate 😉

We downloaded the Superhero template from Artsy Momma, then got to work!

We had everything we needed on hand (Hersey bar, markers, yellow curling ribbon, tape, and some red paper) so it only took us about thirty-minutes to put this project together. It would have taken less time if I didn’t have to stop every two minutes and explain the chocolate bar wasn’t for us to eat…

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

I also created this coloring page to put the candy bar on. You can nab that freebie below (remember, you’ll need to click here to get the Superhero template):

Once it’s downloaded you just print, color, and attach the chocolate!

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

I sent my son (and daughter) to school with these this morning! I can’t wait to hear what their teachers thought!

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

Stop back in tomorrow to see what we’ve got cookin’ for day three! Did you miss our post yesterday? Check out our Amazing Amazon gift card holders! If you want more teacher appreciation ideas, click here. Enjoy!

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

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