Rainbow Color Hunt

Saint Patrick's Day Rainbow Color Hunt
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It’s a situation I’ve been in before… I was hoping to spend a nice, quiet Saturday morning tidying up around the house when, as usual, my children had other plans. As soon as their tiny feet hit the floor they started conspiring against me by murmuring words like “PlayDoh”, “painting”, and “glitter”.

Those three words can give a mom chills. Especially a mom whose only goal is to clean.

So I hopped online looking for the ultimate fun-tivity. If we were going to have chaos, it might as well be fun, clean, organized chaos. As luck would have it, the first thing that popped up had everything on my wish list. Not only was it a boredom-busting activity – it was fun, entertaining, and would allow me to continue my quest for tidiness. (An activity triple crown!)

Rainbow Color Hunt 07

It’s called a Rainbow Color Hunt and it could not be easier to throw together. In a nutshell, it’s a treasure hunt where each clue leads to a crayon. Children use the crayon to color in a stripe on a rainbow coloring page, then hunt for the next color. There are six clues total and the last one leads to treasure!

Rainbow Color Hunt 08

My kids loved this activity! They’ve already asked if we can do it again tomorrow. If you want to try one yourself here’s what you’ll need:


  • Printed clues. (Available at How Does She?.)
  • Rainbow coloring page. (Also available at How Does She?.)
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue Crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  • Tape.

Note: I’m slightly obsessed with the chevron tape and polka dot tape I purchased for our hunt! I finally understand why people love decorative tape so much!


Downloads and full directions available at How Does She?. Here’s my abbreviated version:

Rainbow Color Hunt 06-2

  1. Print the clues and one rainbow coloring page for each child. (Downloads available here.)
  2. Hide the clues and a treasure in their designated spots around the house:  Red colors at the foot of a bed. Orange colors on a door hinge. Yellow colors by mom’s pillow. Green colors by the washing machine. Blue in the bathroom. And hide a treasure by the television!
  3. Hand your child the first clue and a rainbow coloring page at the start of the hunt. Have them use the clue to find the red crayon and next clue.
  4. Tell your child they can’t move on until they color a stripe on their rainbow. Once completed, continue the hunt! Use each clue to find the next crayon. The final clue will lead them to their treasure!

Total project time: 60-minutes (20-minutes prep + 40-minutes activity). My family L-O-V-E-D this treasure hunt spin-off! Here are some photos of our hunt…

Rainbow Color Hunt 09Rainbow Color Hunt 10Rainbow Color Hunt 02-2Rainbow Color Hunt 03-2Rainbow Color Hunt 04Rainbow Color Hunt 05Rainbow Color Hunt 01Rainbow Color Hunt 08

This was fun, educational, and our house was just as clean after the activity as it was when we started! Five stars! (Want more St. Patrick’s Day ideas? Click here!)

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  1. I just happened across this via google. I was the one that posted this on HDS. Your pictures are absolutely adorable! You recreated the hunt perfectly! And I’m so glad your family enjoyed it. Happy St. Patty’s!

  2. Thank you Sara πŸ™‚ I should be thanking you – my kiddos loved this activity! Thanks for the cute idea and printables!

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