St. Paddy’s Day Lucky Tags

Lucky Snack Bags
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I was going through my son’s backpack last night when I discovered that, once again, it’s our family’s turn to bring snacks in for Preschool. Don’t read that the wrong way – I love bringing in snacks for Preschool! My son is a bit of a picky eater so I use this as an opportunity to bring him shopping with me in hopes of trying something new.

Anyway, we are assigned to bring snacks the day before the Preschool St. Patrick’s Day party – so I was hoping to bring a more festive snack this go-round. Another preschool parent told me about this idea and I instantly knew it was something I wanted to try!

Lucky Snack Bags 04

I was trying to come up with a creative snack tag on my own, but why reinvent the wheel when another creative parent has it covered? This time the lovely Kristen Duke Photography comes to the rescue with a beautiful (and free) printable! These were ridiculously easy to make and my children had a lot of fun putting them together!


  • “Lucky to have you as a friend” printable. (Available at Kristen’s website.)
  • Scissors.
  • Tape or a stapler.
  • Snack size plastic bags.
  • Lucky Charms.

Note: We used Ziploc snack bags. (I love these bags – I’m always buying in bulk!)

Lucky Snack Bags 03


For full directions and other adorable printables head over to Kristen Duke Photography.

Lucky Snack Bags 01

  1. Print the “Lucky to have you as a friend” tags. (Available here.)
  2. Cut the tags and fold in half.
  3. Fill the snack size bags with Lucky Charms. (I found 3/4-cup was the perfect amount!)
  4. Attach a tag to the top of each bag with double sided tape or a stapler.

Total project time: 30-minutes. Delicious, simple, and adorable – fingers crossed the Preschool class agrees! (Want more St. Patrick’s Day ideas? Click here!)

Lucky Snack Bags 06Lucky Snack Bags 05

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