Pot of Gold Necklace

Saint Patrick's Day Pot O' Gold Necklace
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I love Saint Patrick’s day. L-O-V-E. Maybe it’s because my grandma is 100% Irish, or maybe it’s because I love bright colors and gold glitter. Either way – I love it. So I tend to go a bit overboard with activities and art projects around this big, green holiday!

I found this genius idea on an adorable blog called Crafty Morning. Honestly, I just wanted to make one of these for myself – but I knew the little ones would be mad if I didn’t include them. So I grabbed some supplies and we gathered around the table to make some.


  • Colorful paper
  • Gold glitter paper
  • Tape or glue dots (we used both)
  • Scissors

Note: We used rainbow cardstock and mini Glue Dots.


Head over to Crafty Morning for full directions (and be sure to check out all of her cute ideas)!

Pot o Gold Necklace 06

  1. Cut strips to make a chain. (We cut our paper into 1/2″ x 3-1/2″ strips. I wouldn’t recommend going much thicker than that.)
  2. Make a chain by following a red + orange + yellow + green + blue + purple pattern.
  3. Cut out and assemble the pot of gold. (If you’re not good at drawing, I made a template for the cauldron and gold. You can download the template here.)
  4. Attach to the necklace and voila!

Total project time: 20-minutes. This necklace is kid-approved, Mom-approved, and St. Paddy’s Day-approved! (You can view the rest of my St. Patrick’s Day projects here!)

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