My Daddy Rocks

My Daddy Rocks 00

I love this Father’s Day activity! It’s a decoration and art project rolled into one!

I came up with the idea after I heard a little boy yell, “My Daddy Rocks!” at the grocery store.

For some reason, the phrase kept ringing in my ears, and all I wanted to do was make a “Daddy Rocks” sign.

Plus, I love puns and I couldn’t resist the urge to make an actual “Daddy Rock”.

So, here we are!

Here’s the sign I made:

My Daddy Rocks Print 5x7

Want one of your own? Go ahead and download it! (It’s FREE!):

[purchase_link id=”8748″ style=”button” color=”gray” text=”My Daddy Rocks! Print”]


Just print and frame for an easy Father’s Day decoration!

Now, my favorite part, the Daddy Rock!

Find a rock, and let your children decorate it like their Daddy. You can add googly eyes, paint on a moustache, or draw a nose and glasses with markers. Let their imaginations run wild!

When your “Daddy Rock” is done, put it in your landscaping to enjoy year round!

I love the way our Daddy Rock turned out. I’m so lucky to know so many Dads who really do rock!

My Daddy Rocks 01

Happy Father’s Day!



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