Birthday Envelope Countdown

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There are 33 short days between my daughter and son’s birthdays. Right when I finish one party, I get to turn around and plan another.

What does this mean for you? More freebies! If I’m doing all this work, I might as well share it with everyone!

To countdown to my son’s birthday this year, I made Birthday Envelopes.

In short, I took eleven envelopes (one for each day counting down to his birthday, and one for his actual birthday), labeled them, and taped them on his door.

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Then, I printed ten Birthday Memory Cards (click here to download them for free!).

I gave memory cards to his grandparents, great grandparents and a few other family members. I asked them to answer the questions on the cards and give them back to me.

Birthday Countdown Envelopes Who Arted 02

Once they were returned, I put one Memory Card inside each envelope, along with a small piece of candy and a $1 bill.

Starting ten days before his birthday, we get to open up one envelope a day. He gets to keep the candy, put the dollar in his piggy bank, and we get to read the Memory Cards together.

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This project turned out so well! I can’t wait to start opening envelopes with him! The best part is, we get to keep the Memory Cards for his scrapbook. A win – win!

Birthday Countdown Envelopes Who Arted 01

And the envelopes look great taped to his bedroom door! Which means there is a little less decorating on my list!

Enjoy everyone! And no matter when it is, Happy Birthday! (If you want to find more birthday ideas, click here.)


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