Cascarones… Confetti Eggs!

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It all started the day before Easter in 2004.

I was in college, minding my own business, when out of nowhere my roommate walked in, broke an egg over my head and yelled, “Happy Easter!”

I looked down and found myself sitting in a pile of confetti. I had just experienced my first Cascarone… And I’ve loved them ever since!

Cascarones (also known as confetti eggs) are hollowed out eggs, brightly dyed and stuffed with confetti. The purpose? To break over the heads of family and friends.

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You may think I’m making this up – but I promise I’m not! Cascarones are extremely popular (particularly down south), and they’ll make you forget all about boring, plastic eggs!

Want to make your own? It’s easy. But before I tell you how, here’s a warning:  Cascarones are infectious. No matter how many you make – you’ll wish you had more. So make plenty.

Alright, let’s get started!

First, hollow out an egg. To do so, use a small metal spoon and tap the bottom of an egg until it cracks. Stick the end of the spoon inside and empty the contents. Then run under water to make sure the inside is clean.

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Next, dye your eggs. If you have a kit, follow the directions listed. Otherwise you can use food coloring.

(Side note: I bought a fantastic set of food coloring – available here – and it made the most colorful eggs I’ve ever dyed!)

To prepare a container for each egg, you’ll need to mix one cup boiling water, one teaspoon white vinegar and 20 drops of food coloring.

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Place an egg inside each container. (Helpful tip:  put the egg in sideways, so the hole fills up with water first.)

Let the eggs sit in the mixture for 15 minutes.

Then, using a spoon, remove each egg and set aside to dry. (Remember: Food coloring will dye surfaces! Be sure to protect your counter or table with paper towels or newspaper.)

Allow the eggs to dry overnight. (I told you the food coloring I bought was fantastic – look how pretty the eggs are!)

Cascarones Glitter Eggs Who Arted 08

Now it’s time to fill ’em up! Using the hole at the bottom, fill each egg half way up with paper confetti, strands of ribbon or glitter.

Cascarones Glitter Eggs Who Arted 02

Put a little glue or Modge Podge around the hole and place a small piece of tissue paper over the top. Fold down the paper until you form a nice seal.

Cascarones Glitter Eggs Who Arted 03

Place your egg back into the carton upside down, so the tissue paper can dry.

Cascarones Glitter Eggs Who Arted 04

And there you go! Now it’s time to get crackin’ (literally!).

(Important Mom note:  glitter can be very difficult to clean up! If you don’t like messes, stick with paper confetti.)

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Having a Cascarone broken over one’s head is said to bring good luck. So bring your loved ones plenty of “luck” this Easter season!

Have a great celebration everyone!



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