Yearly Photo Books – Great Gift Idea!

Yearly Photo Book, H1 001

My beautiful, kind and silly niece just celebrated her second birthday. Every year I give her a personalized photo book as a birthday gift, and this year was no exception.

Each month I write her a letter. I try to include funny quotes, stories and other memories I don’t want to forget.

At the end of the year, I put these letters (and some photos) into a digital scrapbook and have it printed and bound just for her.

Yearly Photo Book, H1 03

Now that her birthday party is over – I can finally share the book with you! Once again, I used Mixbook for printing and I am thrilled with the final product.

Yearly Photo Book, H1 Nov-Jan

I decided to go with a chalkboard theme and love the way it turned out! (Mixbook has plenty of chalkboard options, including a chalkboard cover which looks beautiful!) This book is “chalk” full of memories and includes photos that capture her budding personality.

Yearly Photo Book, H1 Feb-Apr

Since her vocabulary really took off this year, I tried to include lots of funny quotes and pronunciations. It’s so fun to go back and read our stories!

Yearly Photo Book, H1 May-Jul

I hope to continue this tradition all the way to her 18th birthday! Until then… She can slow down a little bit. We’re in no hurry for her to grow up!

Yearly Photo Book, H1 Aug-Oct

My niece loved looking through her book, but I think her Mom was more excited!

Yearly Photo Book, H1 05

Interested in making a monthly scrapbook yourself? There are tons of online options! More often than not, I use Mixbook and Shutterfly. They have several options for photo books and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

To view my niece’s scrapbook, click this link: Hailey’s Scrapbook 1-2 Years, or you can view the slideshow below.

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Happy Birthday Hailey May! I can’t wait to start on our third book!Footer

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