Good Neighbor Day Ideas

Good Neighbor Day 000

Not so long ago, the world felt like a smaller place, and everybody knew everybody else in their neighborhood. Now, many of us aren’t familiar with our neighbors, and only speak to them in passing. Well, September 28th was Good Neighbor Day, and we decided to celebrate and spread a little Goodwill to our neighbors. Here’s how we celebrated:

I made some cute “Good Neighbor Day” gift tags (you can download them here: Good Neighbor Tags) and we bought a few inexpensive, but useful, treats for our neighbors.

I printed the gift tags, cut down to size and punched a hole the corners.

Good Neighbor Day 02

Good Neighbor Day 03

Good Neighbor Day 04

Then we gathered our goodies. We bought ingredients for S’mores, baked homemade cupcakes, and got a few bags of doggie treats (we didn’t want to leave our four-legged neighbors out!). Then we tied the gift tags to our goodies:

Good Neighbor Day 05

Good Neighbor Day 06

Good Neighbor Day 07

Good Neighbor Day 08

I also made a magnet for each of our neighbors, with our family picture, address and our cell phone numbers. (So few people have land lines these days – we want our neighbors to know how to get ahold of us.) Learn how to make your own magnets by clicking here: Photo Magnet Tutorial.

Good Neighbor Day 09

Now, onto the fun part! We loaded up the gifts into our wagon…

Good Neighbor Day 10

…gathered our little ones…

Good Neighbor Day 11

…and set off to deliver our goodies!

Good Neighbor Day 12

Good Neighbor Day 13

Good Neighbor Day 15

Our neighbors were so appreciative! We chatted with each one for a few minutes before moving on to the next house. (Two of our four neighbors weren’t home, so we left the treats on their front steps.)

Good Neighbor Day 14

We had a lot of fun (especially our son!) and plan to continue this tradition every year!

Did you miss Good Neighbor Day? It’s never too late to spread a little cheer! From us, to you, Happy Good Neighbor Day!


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