Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, me hearties! September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

If you missed the holiday, fear not! There’s still time to put on an eye patch, pull out your favorite red bandana, and celebrate with these fun ways to shiver your timbers!

So ready ye sea legs and let’s get started with:

A Pirate-Themed Bath Night! One of the most funs ways to celebrate if ye have wee ones running about!

Talk Like a Pirate Day 01

To start, I used bath crayons to draw a treasure map on the wall of our shower. I also drew some waves on the outside of our tub to make it look like a boat. How cute is that?

Then, we filled the bath with soapy water. I blew up red balloons and put hidden “treasures” inside, and threw them on top of the water. (Instructions for putting items inside balloons can be found here.)

Talk Like a Pirate Day 14

Next, we added our little Buccaneer and let the fun begin!

Talk Like a Pirate Day 02

Every few minutes we let him pick a balloon to pop. Then he got to keep the “treasure” hidden inside. He had such a great time trying to decide which balloons he wanted and he loved playing with his “treasures”.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 03

Talk Like a Pirate Day 04

Talk Like a Pirate Day 05

Our hidden “treasures” included rubber duckies, beaded jewel necklaces, and plush bath balls to toss around. As you can tell, he LOVED all of them!

Talk Like a Pirate Day 07

As a special treat, we bought him a small pirate ship from the clearance bin at our local toy store.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 08

Our little pirate had a great time! We used pirate phrases, shot cannons balls with his new bath toy, and taught him how to read a map (he even learned his directions from the compass I drew!).

Talk Like a Pirate Day 09

The entire bath took less than 20-minutes to throw together, and only cost $10. We got some great photos and we’ll treasure this memory for a long time! What more could you ask for, Matey?

And what do you put on after you’re all clean…? How about pirate gear!

Pirate Dress-Up! Fun for scallywags of all ages!

I bought an eye patch, fake earring and bandana at our local drug store for less than $2! Then I let my kiddos play dress up. The pictures are priceless! (And it provided hours of entertainment and creative play time!)

Talk Like a Pirate Day 11

Talk Like a Pirate Day 13

Talk Like a Pirate Day 12

Talk Like a Pirate Day 10

To sum it all up: this is a great, silly holiday! We had a fun excuse to be creative, have fun, learn a little bit, and spend time as a family.

From arrrgh family to yours, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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