Advent Countdown Prayer Cards / Christmas Countdown Prayer Cards

Twelve Days of Christmas (in July):  Day 3!

Advent Prayers Cards 01

I know I’ve mentioned it before… I love a good countdown (evidence here and here)! I wanted to create a special Advent / Christmas Countdown for our son this year so I started scouring the Internet for ideas.

I found a lot of countdowns that deal with candy, books and gifts… They’re all really cute and thoughtful, but I wanted to come up with a countdown that focused more on the meaning of Christmas.

After weeks of brainstorming, I finally came up with a countdown that I love! I made printable prayers cards that can be personalized for our family and friends. Each card has a number on the front (counting down to Christmas), and the back has a simple prayer that reads:

“Lord, we thank you for (insert family/friend name here). We thank you for everything they are and for all their gifts and talents. We thank you for the many things they have given to others, and for all the kindness they have shown us. Please bless their home, family, finances, and travels. Give them health in body and mind. Thank you for the great times we’ve had together, and allow us to have many more. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

My plan is to place these cards on our Christmas tree. Each night before dinner we will take one card down and pray for the person listed.

If you’d like to make your own, all you need to do is download the cards (available at the bottom of this post) and print…

Advent Prayers Cards 02

Cut down to size…

Advent Prayers Cards 03

Write down family or friends’ names on the back of each card…

Advent Prayers Cards 04

Punch holes and tie string to each one…

Advent Prayers Cards 05

Then hang them on your tree!

Advent Prayers Cards 06

As you count down to Christmas you can take the cards off the tree, or just flip them over.

Advent Prayers Cards 07

If you want to skip punching holes and tying string, you could just hang them on your refrigerator. They’d be easier to reach if you have little ones! (Want to make cute magnets to hang them up with? Try this project!)

Advent Prayers Cards 09

Advent Prayers Cards 10

You can download the Advent cards here: Advent Countdown Cards. (This year there are 24 days in the Advent season, however, the season varies from 22-28 days. I included all 28 countdown cards for future use.)

Printing Instructions: Print the first five pages (the countdown cards). Flip the pages over and print the 6th page (the prayer) on the backs.

If you end up making this Advent Countdown I’d love to see it! Head on over to our Facebook Page and share your photos!

Come on by tomorrow for Christmas (in July) Day 4:  FREE Elf on the Shelf Countdown Cards! Happy Art-ing!


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