Aunt and Uncle Day Cards (Printable)

I love my Aunts and Uncles! They’re a pair of special relatives who do a lot for us…

When we were younger my aunts and uncles would babysit when Mom and Dad were away, host sleepovers, buy us special gifts for no reason and they were always willing to share stories our parents never would!

They were the funniest people at our family functions and they were always willing to go the extra mile to get us to laugh.

July 26th is recognized as “Aunt and Uncle Day”. It’s a great day to take a few minutes to connect with your parents’ siblings, whether it’s a phone call, text or card.

To help make the day special for your relatives, I created two free cards you can print, fill out and mail. (What a great surprise, eh?)

For children, these cards are great… (Click here to download: Aunt Day Cards and/or Uncle Day Cards)

Aunt and Uncle Day 05

Aunt and Uncle Day 06

And for adults, these notecards are perfect! (Click here to download: Aunt and Uncle Day Notecards)

Aunt and Uncle Day 09

For an added surprise, try dressing up the envelope a little bit.

Aunt and Uncle Day 08

Happy Aunt and Uncle Day everyone!


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