Headband Holder Tutorial

I never realized how many headbands a little girl can accumulate!


I hate throwing headbands into a drawer because they always end up tangled together. I wanted to find a more creative way to display them… And here’s what I came up with!

Headband Organizer 01

This is so easy and requires no artistic talent whatsoever! All you need is a plastic vase, decorative floral beads and your headbands!

Headband Organizer 02

Start with your plastic vase (I bought this vase at Hobby Lobby for $6.99. Bring along a headband in order to find the perfect size. You want your headbands to fit on the outside without falling down, but don’t buy a vase too large or you will stretch your headbands elastic).

Partially fill the vase with decorative floral beads. (This will keep enough weight in the vase so it won’t tip over.)

Headband Organizer 03

Now just add your headbands!

Headband Organizer 04

How cute is that? It took me less than 5-minutes and cost less than $10. The best part is, I can store my daughter’s hair brushes and combs inside the vase, as well additional headbands that don’t fit on the outside.

Headband Organizer 05

Now we’re organized and have a beautiful display!

Headband Organizer 06



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