Chalkboard Flower Pots

Chalkboard Flower Pots 00

I absolutely love these chalkboard flower pots. They’re easy to make and a great kid-friendly activity for any summer day! (If my two-year-old son can help, anyone can!)

Chalkboard Flower Pots 01

To make your own, gather the following supplies:

  • Clay flower pots (with bottoms)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Flowers and Potting soil
  • Chalk

Step One: Dust off your flower pots and apply one coat of paint. (If you like the look of the flower pots I made, only paint the bottom dish and the top edge of the pot.) Make sure to paint about 1.5-inches down the inside of the pot as well. Once dry, apply a second coat.

Chalkboard Flower Pots 02

Step Two: Paint the remainder of your pot with chalkboard paint. Each chalkboard paint brand is a little different, so be sure to read and follow instructions carefully. (Mine required two coats.)

Chalkboard Flower Pots 03

Let the paint dry (the paint I used required 24-hours of dry time) then reassemble the pots.

Chalkboard Flower Pots 04

Step Three: Gather your potting soil and flowers.

Chalkboard Flower Pots 05

Plant your chosen flowers inside each pot.

Chalkboard Flower Pots 06

Step Four: Now decorate the chalkboard section with chalk!

Chalkboard Flower Pots 07

These pots are so adorable and you can change their appearance daily if you like! They make great Mother’s Day gifts and are a fun craft for any child!


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